Ruisan style-Nanjing Station: China (Nanjing) International Flooring Industry an

Time:2019-11-27 18:50:04

On September 29th, Ruisan Waterborne Epoxy Co., Ltd. concluded its trip to Nanjing. The 2018 China (Nanjing) International Flooring Industry and Urban Pavement Exhibition, sponsored by the Allied Urban Infrastructure Chamber of Commerce and co-organized by the Jiangsu Flooring Industry Association, will be held in Nanjing. The International Exhibition Center ended perfectly.

This floor industry and urban paving exhibition brings together nearly a hundred companies and related practitioners in the floor industry to create a comprehensive platform exhibition that integrates communication and display!

Focus on cutting-edge new products ▼

Many companies have brought their latest R & D products and are rushing to show that Ruisan Waterborne Epoxy is no exception. In line with the current trend of environmental protection, Ruisan Technology has developed a series of waterborne epoxy products. Last one appeared.

Ruisan water-based epoxy has been highly recognized and paid close attention to by exhibitors and buyers, and has been widely praised.

New Sponge City Concept ▼

The "sponge city concept" is another highlight of this exhibition. With the arrival of the rainy season, many cities have experienced waterlogging problems. At present, the permeable floor in the industry deserves to be vigorously promoted in urban construction.

In order to eliminate or mitigate urban rainstorm and waterlogging disasters, the issue of impervious surface density should be paid full attention to in the process of urban planning and construction, and permeable floors can effectively alleviate the phenomenon of standing water.

With its in-depth research and development in flooring materials, Ruisan Waterborne Epoxy also contributed its own strength in the construction of sponge cities.

Looking forward to the future ▼

At the exhibition site, the exhibition organizer will combine the "exhibition" and "meeting" and hold the China (Nanjing) International Flooring Industry Future Development Summit Forum on the first day of the exhibition.

Zhuang Jianping, Yu Guangli, Guo Junjian, Steven Trinkkaus and other domestic and foreign industry leaders will focus on technology and industry development trends, with "China's flooring industry development status and trends", "color sand epoxy flooring project excellent case analysis", The topics of "The Rise of Millstones", "Application of Foreign Pervious Floors in Urban Infrastructure Construction", and "Colored Anti-slip Pavement Systems and Trends" shared the present and future of the industry with hundreds of colleagues in the flooring industry.

Conclusion ▼

This exhibition comprehensively gathers first-tier brand companies in the flooring industry, tailor-made industry summit forums, and large-scale on-site flooring demonstration activities to attract the broad participation of the industry's supply and demand groups and attract a large number of professional buyers to visit and purchase. Gathering, unlimited business opportunities!

The relevant person in charge of the organizing committee introduced that this Nanjing International Flooring Industry Exhibition covers multiple areas such as flooring, permeable flooring, sports venues, elastic flooring, and paint coating, which provides more opportunities for the diversified development of the flooring industry. Many possibilities.

At the same time, due to the influence of policies and market environment, China's flooring industry will develop in the direction of green and pollution-free. Ruisan Waterborne Epoxy will also increase research and development of new environmentally friendly materials and strive to achieve sustainable flooring industry. development of.