Crossing the ocean to see you: Swiss World III-South Africa GTS Global Trade Exh

Time:2019-11-27 18:45:54

The 2018 South African GTS Global Trade Fair ended successfully on July 29, 2018 at the Gallagher International Convention and Exhibition Center in Johannesburg, South Africa. This exhibition was jointly sponsored by the African Union Chamber of Commerce and Industry and GTS Africa (Pty) Ltd, and Ruisan Technology was present At the scene, it attracted a lot of attention locally.

During the exhibition, four professional sub-brand exhibitions were held concurrently: South Africa International Hardware and Building Materials Exhibition (TBS), International Home Appliances and Housewares Exhibition (HAS), International Food and Beverage Exhibition (FBS), and International Electronic Security Exhibition (SES). Professional sub-brands make the exhibition content more industry-specific, bringing together more professional buyers. From the opening day to the end of the exhibition, there has been a continuous crowd.

At the exhibition, Ruisan Technology brought a variety of high-quality products, which were highly recognized by the industry.

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The Johannesburg meeting serves as a new starting point for the "Golden Decade" of the BRICS countries, opening up a prosperous avenue for China-South Africa enterprises.

As the opening event of the "Golden Decade" in 2018, the South African GTS Global Trade Exhibition will also build a broad bridge for China-South Africa trade, and drive exhibitors to join the tide of the times and win the opportunity for the future "Golden Decade" Discover new opportunities in South Africa and even Africa, knocking on the door to the market.

Ruisan Technology will certainly ride the tide of the times and bring better products and services to every place where Ruisan is needed.