Grand event! ---- The Seventh Epoxy Development Forum 2018 successfully conclude

Time:2019-11-27 18:39:35

The "2018 Seventh Epoxy Resin Development Forum" hosted by Ruisan Waterborne Epoxy and Linyi University successfully closed on April 28 in Lichen Farm, Linyi, Shandong. Waterborne epoxy became the focus of this forum and attracted much attention. As the development goal and direction of the epoxy resin industry, with its supporting and leading role in technological innovation, it will also promote the conversion of new and old kinetic energy and accelerate the process of new and old kinetic energy conversion.


The opening ceremony was presided over by the secretary of Guo Jinting, School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of Linyi University. Zhang Shusheng, Vice President of Linyi University, Liu Jie, Secretary General of the China Epoxy Resin Industry Association, and Sun Jian, Director of the Epoxy Industry Chain Development Research Center, delivered warm speeches for the conference from different perspectives.


02 / 【Vice President of Linyi University Zhang Shusheng】


03 / Liu Jie, Secretary General of China Epoxy Resin Industry Association]


04 / 【Director of National New Material Industry Development Alliance Sun Jian】

What did this conference say? The following three related questions will take you to the event!

1. What is the theme of this forum?

The theme of this forum is "environmental protection, innovation, and market". In order to better promote the development of the industry, grasp the market direction, promote technical exchanges, build bridges for communication and cooperation between upstream and downstream enterprises, and realize the industry-university-industrial research in the epoxy resin industry. Work hard.

2. Which big coffees participated in the forum?

More than 150 representatives from epoxy resin companies, raw materials, equipment companies, research institutes, universities, etc. attended the meeting. The participants generally thought that the theme of the meeting was prominent and rich in content, and all the delegates felt that they benefited a lot. This is a high-quality academic conference on epoxy resins, especially the direction of waterborne epoxy resins has been unanimously recognized by everyone. Oil to water is the general trend. Waterborne epoxy resin coatings are bound to be used in the environment-friendly and excellent performance characteristics. It will widely replace oily coatings in the future.

Thanks to the Secretary General of the China Epoxy Resin Association Liu Jie, the Director of the National New Material Industry Alliance Sun Jian, the Secretary General of the China Coatings Association Yan Yongjiang, the Secretary General of the Shandong Chemical Industry Society Liu Baosheng, the Vice President of Linyi University Zhang Shusheng, the Secretary of the School of Chemical Technology Guo Jinting, and the Deputy Academy of Song Xingliang Leaders from the development zone, the high-tech zone, and the Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences attended the forum. Through in-depth discussions from multiple angles, they pointed out the goals and directions for the future development of the industry.

3. What did these big coffees say?

This forum focused on the common concerns of the industry. During the meeting, each guest made a unique report on the direction of the industry's key concerns, providing decision-making and reference for the sustainable low-carbon development and transformation of the epoxy resin industry.


05 / 【Senior expert of curing agent branch of China Epoxy Resin Industry Association Hang Longcheng】

Hang Longcheng, a senior expert of the curing agent branch of China Epoxy Resin Industry Association, made a report on "Analysis of Market Application and Development Prospects of Waterborne Epoxy Resin". In the report, he emphasized that with the maturity of production technology and the accelerated development of applied products, its characteristics and advantages gradually emerged. In the market development experiment, it has entered the planning period of large-scale production and application in a point-by-point manner.


06 / 【General Manager of Nanya Epoxy Resin (Kunshan) Co., Ltd.】

The general manager of Nanya Epoxy Resin (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. He Ming made a report on "Current Situation of Epoxy Resin at Home and Abroad in 2017 and the Development Trend of Epoxy Resin Industry in 2018". In his report, he described the development of epoxy resins in 2017 and the key development directions of epoxy resins.


07 / 【Senior expert of Copper Clad Laminate Material Branch of China Electronic Materials Industry Association; Chief Engineer Shi Jianying of Shaanxi Shengyi Technology Co., Ltd.】

Jianying Shi, Chief Engineer of Shaanxi Shengyi Technology Co., Ltd., gave a report on "New Requirements for Epoxy Resin for Copper Clad Laminates in the 5G Era". In the report, he first discussed with you "What are the technical requirements for copper clad laminates in the 5G era?" At the same time, he emphasized the new requirements and new standards for epoxy resins for the copper clad laminates in the 5G era. He pointed out the current products of epoxy resin companies. There is still work to be done to overcome the difficulties of technology and quality, so that the quality and standards of epoxy resins can be improved as soon as possible to adapt to the rapidly developing electronic materials and dielectrics required for copper clad laminate materials. It also points out the needs and priorities for the development of copper clad laminates and the high expectations for epoxy resin.


08 / 【Secretary-General of China Coatings Industry Association Yan Yongjiang】

Yan Yongjiang, Secretary General of China Coatings Industry Association, made a report on "The Development Status of the Coatings Industry and the Demand for Waterborne Epoxy Resins". In the report, he used detailed data and tables to mainly explain the development of the entire coatings industry, production, current status of the enterprise, and the next development priorities and technologies. Especially water-based coatings will be the focus of development.


09 / 【Chief Engineer Pan Maocai of Shandong Ruisan Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.】

Pan Maocai, chief engineer of Shandong Ruisan Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. made a report on "Application and Introduction of Waterborne Epoxy Resin and Waterborne Epoxy Curing Agent". In the report, he described the concepts and characteristics of water-based epoxy resins and water-based epoxy curing agents, domestic production conditions, technology and market development directions, and the product advantages and characteristics of "Ruisan Chemical"


10 / 【Ji Hejian, General Manager of Shandong Ruisan Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.】

Ji Hejian, general manager of Shandong Ruisan Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. finally explained the product advantages and characteristics of "Ruisan" in the field of waterborne epoxy and curing agents, and the development concept of "Ruisan" in the industry. "Ruisan" company only does one thing: it is to make the best waterborne epoxy and curing agent! Let enterprises use the best and most assured products.

4. What is the significance of this forum?

The development of the epoxy resin industry chain is imperative and has a long way to go. The "(Seventh) Epoxy Industry Development Forum" was held at the time of departure in 2018. This meeting is a summary of the development of the epoxy resin industry in 2017. Inspired by production and marketing.

With the rapid development of China's epoxy resin industry and the acceleration of the technological level, the success of this conference will definitely make a positive contribution to improving the development of China's epoxy resin industry chain.

At the same time, Ruisan Waterborne Epoxy looks forward to continuing to communicate with you in the future, learn from you, and work together with you to share the market and the future!