Observation record of Ruisan Technology 2018 Shanghai International Green Buildi

Time:2019-11-27 18:27:21

The three-day Shanghai International Green Building Materials Expo officially ended on July 20. A total of 1,000 exhibitors participated and attracted 80,000 professional visitors. Ruisan Technology has brought you various types of water-based epoxy products with excellent performance, which have received widespread praise and attention.

First, environmental protection becomes a hot pet

At present, the state is vigorously advocating green environmental protection technology, consumers' environmental protection awareness is also steadily increasing, and "environmental protection" is getting more and more attention from enterprises.

"Environmental protection" is no longer a term that has nowhere to go, but has become a fast track for the development of the industry. Whoever steps in first will be likely to take the lead.

Ruisan Waterborne Epoxy is leading the trend, bringing green environmental protection waterborne epoxy curing agents and resin products to everyone. It is widely used in flooring, industrial paint and other fields, and has received high attention and recognition.

Everyone loves special

The problem of homogeneity in the industry has always existed, and many brands have disrupted the normal development of the market with low prices and low quality, which has caused many problems for companies buried in innovative research and development.

But from this year's show, the eyes of the masses are clear, and the most popular people at the show are often these distinctive brands.

Ruisan Waterborne Epoxy adheres to the product philosophy of "not following the crowd, not blindly obeying, not so‘ clustering ’”. Submerged to grind products attentively, improve the recognition of products and brands, and become the most special existence in users' minds.

New trends are coming

During the exhibition, many industry forums were opened, most of which focused on the current hottest development direction. They brought together industry experts, professors, and front-line practitioners to discuss in-depth exchanges, develop together, and jointly explore growth points under the new trend.

The new trend means that some people will be eliminated, but at the same time it is also giving birth to new people. Ruisan Waterborne Epoxy has always maintained a strong “survival” and “innovative power”, constantly breaking its boundaries, embracing change, and finding itself in the air. Way to become a real winner in the era of big waves.


Although the Shanghai International Green Building and Construction Materials Expo has ended, its impact on the development of the building materials industry is huge.

At this exhibition, Ruisan Waterborne Epoxy showed everyone the spirit of industry development that is both competitive and cooperative, and independent and integrated.

In the future, Ruisan Technology will continue to provide users with the most comprehensive water-based epoxy product solutions based on user needs. Let us look forward to the building materials industry going further toward green energy-saving and comprehensive development!