Ruisan Waterborne Epoxy Guangzhou Station: The 9th Asia-Pacific Flooring Exhibit

Time:2019-11-27 19:18:16

On June 29, the 2019 China (Tianjin) International Green Building Industry Expo ended at the Tianjin Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center, and the trip of Ruisan Water-based Epoxy Tianjin Construction Expo was successfully concluded.

The theme of this exhibition is "adhering to green development and building a green homeland", with the concept of "low carbon, environmental protection, and green", and promoting green building concepts, technologies, and experiences, and promoting new technologies, new products, and new building materials. The purpose of the application of materials and new processes.

Ruisan Waterborne Epoxy is committed to the innovation of R & D and application of various areas of waterborne epoxy, such as waterborne epoxy curing agents, waterborne epoxy resins, and special waterborne epoxy products. It is a full system waterborne epoxy product provider.

Ruisan water-based epoxy products conform to the development trend of green, ecological, healthy and comfortable building materials. They can be used not only in floor systems, but also in many aspects of building materials to meet comprehensive green ecological requirements. It can also be used in industrial anticorrosive coatings, fiber infiltration, ink and other aspects.

At the exhibition site, Ruisan Waterborne Epoxy was highly recognized by professional visitors and experts and scholars from all over the country, and received many customers' cooperation intentions on the site.

To provide personalized solutions according to customer needs, to create a better experience and higher quality value for customers is the belief that Ruisan has always adhered to.

In the future, the concept of "low carbon, environmental protection, and green" will be deeply rooted in people's hearts. Sustainable development is expected to become the main driving force for innovation. Sustainable development is in line with the concept of environmental protection. Currently, Ruisan is achieving this goal through advanced technology and products.