Ruisan Environmental Water-borne Epoxy Floor Paint

Time:2019-11-26 18:27:01

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Ruisan Environmental Water-borne Epoxy Floor Paint (Model)

Product Overview:

Environmental-friendly water-borne two-component epoxy resin floor coating. Mainly used in parking lot, workshop, school, hospital and other ground painting.

Product characteristics:

The bonding strength with the base is high, the shrinkage rate is low when hardening, and it is not easy to crack.

The whole body is seamless, easy to clean and does not gather dust and bacteria.

Water as solvent, non-toxic and harmless, safe construction;

High strength, wear resistance, durable, can withstand forklift, cart and other vehicles for a long time rolling;

Smooth and smooth surface, rich color, beautify the working environment

Easy to construct and self-brushing


Indoor and outdoor parking lot floor

The Floor of Industrial Workshop with Equal Weight Load in Machinery Manufacturing

Medical, food, medical institutions and other places requiring high cleanliness

Decoration and protection of shopping malls, schools, scientific research institutes and other different floors