3D Epoxy Floor Paint

Time:2019-11-26 18:16:14

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Product Name: 3D Epoxy Floor Paint

3D Epoxy Floor Paint is a two-component solvent-free anti-corrosion epoxy floor paint. Nice appearance, dust &corrosion resistant and easy to clean. The whole coating system can bond well with the solid base and has good abrasion and wearing resistance. Meanwhile, it is resistant to compression and impact and can stand heavy-duty load to a certain extent.

Application Area: Upscale Shopping Malls, Restaurants, Amusement Parks, Home Decoration,  Museums,  Hotel,  Reception., etc.

Construction Process:

1. Prepare the surface.

Preparation of the substrate is necessary in order to ensure adhesion between the epoxy product and the substrate. Suitable methods are sanding or diamond-grinding. Any surfaces that have been contaminated with oils may also require chemical cleaning.

 2. Sweeping and cleaning of the floor.

Use an industrial vacuum that picks up even small dust particles. The floor must be cleaned of all dusts and residues before starting to prime. Otherwise you will have various particles trapped within the coat and adhesion will be significantly weakened. The less micro-dust on the surface the less primer you will need.

3.Prime the floor with a suitable epoxy primer.

Always prime the floor, don't believe claims that priming is not necessary. Priming will give your floor a longer life and better adhesion to the substrate. Priming will seal the substrate thus eliminating the risks of bubbles and gasses. Priming helps reduce the amount of product that will be required in the later stages. Ensure that the areas are ventilated properly. It is common to coat two layers of primer in order to properly seal the floor. Use a proper electrical mixer to mix the A and B component of the primer

4. Fill all cracks, holes etc with epoxy grout. 

(This step can also take place before priming if you prefer) For thin cracks it may be necessary to slice them with a diamond cutter before filling in order to improve the anchoring of the grout

5. Install the 3D Effect Stickers.(We can also supply you the 3D stickers and print as your own design ,accept OEM&ODM)

Put the 3D Effect Stickers on the surface of Epoxy primer, make sure the 3D stickers bond tightly to the cement or concrete floor.

Step 6. Mixing Epoxy Resin.

Mix the hardener (part B) with epoxy resin and mix for 3 minutes. Follow this by then mixing the hardener with the Epoxy component (part A). Use an electrical mixer and mix at least for 3 minutes. Don't skimp on the mixing! This step is very important. Poor mixing will lead to a tacky floor! Leave to settle for a few minutes allow bubbles to disperse

Step 7. Apply the product.

Once mixed pour the product in a random pattern across the area you wish to apply your Designer Epoxy foor Resin. Using a notched squeegee spread the product gently around until you have an even coat on the floors surface. Then use a good quality roller, as poor quality rollers may start to shed or spiked roller and back roll the product (be careful not to over do this process as colours will merge into 1 if over rolled)