Metallic Epoxy Floor Paint

Time:2019-11-26 18:09:14

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Product Name: Metallic Epoxy Floor Paint

Metallic Epoxy Floor Paint is a kind of two-component solvent-free clear epoxy paint. We mix the epoxy varnish and metallic power together , suitable for high-grade floor decoration.

Application Area: Upscale Shopping Malls, Restaurants, Amusement Parks, Home Decoration,  Museums,  Hotel,  Reception., etc.

Construction Process:

1.Mechanically prepare the surface of the concrete slab, ensuring it is smooth and free of dust, dirt, or any foreign particles. This step may also includes testing for Moisture Vapor Transmission.

2.Apply an opaque primer and basecoat, which will serve as a background to the shimmering semi-translucent metallic epoxy layer to follow. The color of the basecoat will influence the final appearance of a decorative metallic floor coating system.

3.Apply the clear epoxy mixed with the metallic pigment coating.

4.There are several ways to apply or treat pigment coats, each one creating a different effect. Just a few methods are as follows:

Pour one color onto the floor, randomly squeegee it around the floor. Then, use a roller to move a second color randomly through it.

Instead of using a roller for the second pigment, spatter it to create a random pattern.

Spritz, splash or flick different solvents onto the tacky undercoat; each delivery method and/or solvent will result in a different type of appearance and end product.

5.Using a leaf blower you can move and create different cloud like patterns as the air pushes the metallic around.