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Resin Technology is a manufacturer of fine chemicals and composite materials with a global business scope. In more than 20 years, Resin Technology initially accumulated resources with the industry of environmental protection adhesives, then realized technological innovation in the field of water-based environmental protection new materials, realized the hydration of traditional adhesives and oil-based coatings, made good achievements in the field of water-based environmental protection new materials, and made in-depth research on composite materials. The research and technological breakthroughs have been completed, and the technological level has reached the first-class in the world. At present, Resin Technology takes environmental protection adhesives, water-borne coatings and composite materials as three pillar industries, and strives to promote the industry through technological innovation, in order to meet the new living environment that human beings need in the future and provide technical solutions to these challenges. In the future, we will continue to take customer requirements as the goal, continue to maintain the Earth's environment as the concept, continue to take "Chemistry Creates A Better Life" as the value, and create a better future for the new material industry. Create value for customers, profit for shareholders, future for employees and prosperity for society.


Corporate responsibility

At present, corporate social responsibility has become the mainstream of globalization and an important trend of the times and a business model. As a scientific company dedicated to becoming the most valuable new material in the world, Resin Technology has never neglected the coordinated development of environment, society and enterprises, promoted environmental protection industry and sustainable development to the strategic level of enterprises, and deepened its feelings of "being respected people, creating respected products and building respected enterprises". Practice corporate social responsibility. We are fulfilling today's promises, not to the detriment of future generations. All our efforts are a good reflection of the importance we have always attached to environmental, health and safety issues. In the future, we will continue to work for sustainable development. Please look forward to our achievements.简介.jpg

Product Classification

Main Application Field

furniture, electronics, automobile, rail transit, aerospace, construction, medical and other fields. 

Environmental Friendly Adhesives Series:

Epoxy adhesives, polyurethane adhesives, white latex, urea-formaldehyde adhesives, melamine adhesives, phenolic adhesives, formaldehyde-free adhesives

Waterborne Coatings Series:

Interior wall series: environmentally friendly latex paint, waterborne epoxy interior wall paint

Exterior Wall Series: Real Stone Paint

Floor Series: Solvent-Free Epoxy Floor Paint, Waterborne Epoxy Floor Paint, Waterborne Polyurethane Floor Paint, 3D Floor Paint, Metalic Floor Paint

Anti-corrosion series: waterborne epoxy zinc-rich primer, waterborne epoxy zinc-free primer, waterborne epoxy intermediate paint, waterborne polyurethane topcoat, waterborne acrylic topcoat

Wood Series: UV Wood Paint

Composite Products Series:

Wood-like new materials, graphene, carbon fibers.