At present, corporate social responsibility has become the mainstream of globalization and an important trend of the times and a business model. As a scientific company dedicated to becoming the most valuable new material in the world, Resin Technology has never neglected the coordinated development of environment, society and enterprises, promoted environmental protection industry and sustainable development to the strategic level of enterprises, and deepened its feelings of "being respected people, creating respected products and building respected enterprises". Practice corporate social responsibility. 

▎01 ▎ The sales team of Resin Technology is familiar with the market trends and development trends of the Internet industry and traditional industries. It has a wide range of customer relationships in many fields around the world, and constantly seeks high-quality partners. 

▎02 ▎ They are responsible for product sales, market plan formulation, market research, Industry Report analysis, sales channel construction, project cooperation activities, organization of market plan implementation and so on. 

▎03 ▎ Members of the marketing team of Resin Technology are familiar with the management operation, market operation, public relations promotion and brand trend of the industry, and devote themselves to the management of market environment, development strategy, marketing promotion strategy, cross-border play and financing strategy.

We are fulfilling today's promises, not to the detriment of future generations. All our efforts are a good reflection of the importance we have always attached to environmental, health and safety issues. In the future, we will continue to work for sustainable development. Please look forward to our achievements.tuandui.jpg